Hello Everyone I’d like to share our 2-weeks experience Here at Omni. We Already started to cook dishes by ourselves i assigned in grilling section at first it’s really hard for me to do all the dishes in the menu at the grilling section also it gives me a hardtime to read micros tickets and when the tickets came out several times it’s so pressured for me but when you do it over and over again you will realized that it was so fun. There was a time that we got a bulk of orders so we need to hurry up but the good thing is everyone well participated as a team all members of the kitchen staff is patiently trained us. I loved the nature of work and i loved my job that’s why i don’t feel tired. We’re so blessed to experience this kind of training program. The Omni Dallas Hotel is very thoughtful Company they gave us a good privileged like we can eat in the cafeteria for just 1$ only! our uniform is always fresh and flawless so we don’t need to think about to wash our uniform cause they are the ones who did for us (The laundry Section of Omni Dallas) Sometimes there is a free candies,  chocolates, cakes or pastries and that’s makes me more agressive and always there an excitement. We love every single moments here and always looking forward sa mga darating na araw  ? God Bless Us All

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