Hello everyone! Here i a’m again Emjay! I am very proud to share our first month of staying here in America ? in the past 30 days i can say that we really enjoyed the training program so far. In fact we associate with different people in training site which is the Omni Dallas we got a quality time with our co-workers and employers during our duty time. Every time we go in the line we’re always learning new things and techniques that will help us a lot to grow in the industry. I already experience to do Pizza, Tacos, Quezadillas and tortillas and it’s so fun to work in the pizza stations but since it’s my first time to work over there i feel confused when i got a lot of orders.

How does the training site follow the standards of training plan?

The specific goals of the training program are.

  • Mastering the owners box menu- every time we go to the training site we’ve always do prepping in order for us to learn all the menu and ingredients.
  • Learning how to read Micros tickets- after prepping it’s time for us to get in line as well for us to learn how to read the tickets so we can assure that we will make the right order we will give the right choices, additional and special preparation.
  • Learning the different station of the owners Box kitchen- Yes they already started to rotate us in different station we don’t need to memorize all the menu at the whole kitchen but to learn step by step in their standard procedures.
  • Learning inventory for each area- Since we got different schedule in a week we’ve experience the morning shift, mid shift and night shift so we know the flow of each shift and the protocol of each yard. We have been practicing how to consolidate, re-stock, labeling and restore the products in their specific section. During our one month of staying at our kitchen we gain a lot of knowledge to the associates to the recipe and the equipment and machinery. Those things that we’ve never experience before is what we are facing right now. ? we are not just lucky but so grateful in this Training program. And in that we are looking forward for the next story of our journey here at Omni Dallas. I hope all of you guys there is safe and doing good cause we’re doing the same. God bless us all.



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