10403047_840127576002172_8572769383074037024_nCrowne Plaza Resort and Golf Club Lake Placid, located in the northern part of New York. It was truly an experience that money cannot buy. True in fact that the location is very far from New York City itself but then again expectations were met satisfactorily.

This is not just an experience or even a cultural exchange. This whole program opened up our realizations as to what life really is. It is not easy being away from your family and friends but as you go along with the journey you will meet people that add up to the whole experience itself. Thereon also was the non-stop guidance of our agency in the Philippines; POEC in Cebu City whom which is continuously reminding us of what documents to comply and is always there whenever we have an inquiry and make it to their effort to answer all our questions, it may took them some time but they always adhere to us.

As once quoted, traveling is not just the mere action of going, staying and leaving. But, the mere fact that whenever you travel to different places you always experience a lot of things, meet new people and start to be attached to the place you are in. Traveling is not going and leaving from one place to another, it is actually living your life to its full content.

An experience no one can steal from us. Thank you for all the support and guidance to all the people who were partaking to this whole expedition.


WAT (2014)Participants,

Raymund Dave Alas Millan

Genevieve Magallanes Ypil

Christia Jane Paloma Buba