Raymund More_1First we would like to thank our school for allowing us to have our practicum in Tucson, Arizona and to our local agency POEC Consultancy Inc, for giving us a chance to participate this program and to experience working abroad, it was a great experienced.

We arrived in Tucson, Arizona last March 26, 2014, we stayed in the hotel for a week we have a complimentary meal and stay. After a week we went to our apartment Fox Point apartment located at 3700 N. Campbell Avenue Tucson, Arizona 85719 it is a 15 minutes drive away from our Company. We started working in Loews on April 1, 2014 as a housekeeper we work for 40 hours a week. At first we had a hard time adjusting on what job they had assigned for each of us. It takes two weeks for us to know what the basic routine. After a while they let us work alone in our respective assignments like room attendant, houseman, spa attendant, pool attendant and lobby attendant. Every Sunday we have a complimentary brunch for our guest. They had lots of events to gain more guests.  They have free meals and service van for all employees working in Loews Hotel.

Kate Suzanne Villar _pix

During our day off we went to the Sabino Canyon thrill for fun, we saw lots of giants cactus we took many photos there. We went bowling and went to different malls and famous restaurants with our fellow Filipino who lives there.  They’re really good and they take good care of us.  And most of all they became our second family.

Our three months stay in Tucson, Arizona was memorable and educational. Thank you POEC for giving us the way towards our success. We will recommend POEC  to our friends and fellow classmates. Thanks also to Ms. Marie and sir Jr for guiding us throughout this program, we love POEC! . Fight fight!



Raymund Mori & Kate Zuzaine Villar