Anna SushmitaFirst of all, I would like to thank God for the greatness He has given to me.  And then my family for supporting me throughout this whole program,  and for letting me experienced my American dream.

To my school, and especially my HM department family who also give their unending support to me when I was still there. And especially to my classmates and friends who believes in me. I Love You guys.

Being in a place where your family is so far from you, is not easy. Especially I’m an only child, I can always have what I want, I mean, you got your world in your hands when your family is there at your side. But things change when I was there in the US, you have to be alone, work alone, live alone, eat alone, everything, you will have to do it alone. And it’s difficult, but what’s good is that, I learned, believe it or not, I learned! Yes and I’m proud of it. Very proud.

It was because of Courtyard by  Marriott, the best employer I had in the USA. They taught me on how to be fast in working around the room, because I was assigned in the hardest job ever in the world, ‘Housekeeping’ department. I thought my job there is easy, but No! It’s Hell, but time goes by, it’s easier and easier not like the first time I work in  there. I already experienced being scolded by our supervisor over and over again by being such a careless associate there. But no regrets, i learned a lot from her, our supervisor is good. So in my whole experience in Courtyard by Marriott, it’s really worth it.

I also enjoyed visiting different states in USA, just like New York, New Jersey and many more, one thing I can’t forget about there is my friends. They are like family to me, we help each other, understand and ofcourse support each and one of us. Thanks also to CCI for everything, CCI is my Visa Sponsor there, they let me experience what I never experience here in the Philippines, they are the reason why I met my friends there because they always have acquaintance parties there which help us know different kinds of students from different countries around the world.

My biggest thanks to POEC , for this program, I wouldn’t been there not because of this Agency. Kudos!


Anna Sushmita Quindao

Cebu Technological University – Danao Campus