For some 15 years now, POEC Consultancy International, Inc. has been sending a number of students, graduates, and young professionals across the globe to gain cultural experiences and up-to-date knowledge by studying at world-class universities while, at the same time, having the leisure to travel.

POEC is known for its expertise in showing utmost diligence in providing great service both to its clients and to its partner schools, colleges, and universities in the Philippines and abroad.  This is very evident in its high percentage of applicants being granted their VISA Application and being trained by high-end professionals and companies in countries, such as the United States, Australia, New Zealand, Thailand, and China.

POEC assists their clients and applicants throughout the processing of their internship application and keeps in touch with them while they are on program through various social media channels and other means of communication.  POEC always ensures that constant communication is ever present with the applicants abroad, catering to their concerns like checking if they need any assistance.

POEC is staffed by hardworking personnel that help the applicants secure the information they need about the program and the documents they need to be prepared.  POEC team is dedicated to providing support for their clients making sure that they complete their documents on time. Through the assistance of the POEC Support Team, fast assistance is provided to all applicants in every step of the application process, starting from the Registration and the Visa Application Guidelines and Procedures to the Pre-Departure. Free visa coaching and assistance in completing the necessary documents for visa application are also given to boost the confidence of the applicants during their Visa Appearance, leading to their getting higher visa approval rate.  POEC also makes sure that they’re in contact and available any time that any program participant is in need of immediate assistance in any country they are in.

POEC believes that investing in one’s future through participation in Cultural Exchange and Study Programs is more than worth it, since all the experiences and knowledge to be gained from world-class companies and globally-recognized schools are just immensely valuable, if not priceless.